Property Management

Atlas is your partner for the duration of your international real estate loan and we are as committed to the long term success of each property as our clients are.

Atlas Capital is pleased to provide property management for all of our clients. What are the advantages to using Atlas Capital for the management of your international real estate investments?

Atlas Capital has lower fees than other property management companies

Most property management companies charge 10% of the monthly rent as an ongoing expense which eats in to yield. Typical rent on an Atlas Capital property starts at $875 and can go as high as $1500 per month. Atlas instead charges a flat fee of $75 per month which equates to 5%-7.5% per month for management which is far below the industry standard.

We only manage assets in our own portfolio

Every week, Atlas turns down offers to manage properties for investors who have purchased elsewhere and there is a reason behind this. We’re very confident in the assets we provide our clients and are happy to manage properties that have come from our own inventory. We are NOT in the business to save outside investors from problem properties or problem tenants. Often times when Atlas receives calls from non-clients looking for new management for their assets, they are already in a “distressed asset” category. Our goal is to never allow our clients or assets to become distressed. We are familiar with all of the homes in our management portfolio and we have placed all of the tenants so to take on the role of attempting to stabilize failed investments is not in our wheelhouse.

We keep maintenance and service costs at a minimum

Atlas Capital is extremely responsive to service and maintenance issues and uses its own in-house construction personnel to help its investors to remain “cash-flow positive”. Other property management companies view maintenance as a revenue stream and charge a premium for consultations and services performed. Atlas in turn keeps costs down by using in house skilled trade personnel and providing services at cost. 

Strict screening and background policy

Atlas Capital provides only the best quality homes in desirable and low risk blue-collar suburban communities. As a result, we actively target growing young families looking to place their children in the school districts where we purchase homes in our portfolio. This ensures low tenant turnover rates. We DO NOT accept government subsidized tenants. We screen for credit scores, criminal backgrounds, work history and rental histories.

Familiarity with the properties

As the original owners & renovators on these properties, we are extremely familiar with each and every property in our portfolio. We are fully aware of everything the property has to offer and would not have originally invested in it if we did not feel it would be a great asset to our clients.


We never forget that communication is the most important aspect of property management for all parties involved, so we strive to return calls and emails promptly.