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Our Management Team – Leverage Our Experience!

Principal Partner: Ron Blum –Capital Finance and Portfolio Services

The firm was founded by Ronald Blum, originally a native of Orange County, CA.  Following High School, Ron enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and spent his time serving with a forward area combat unit with The 1st Special Operations Battalion, MCAGCC 29 Palms.  Upon his return to civilian life, he spent 8 years in constructing residential real estate during the 80s boom years of large scale production homes in Orange and LA counties.  Ron then dedicated 4 years in Vancouver BC Canada and was involved in large scale home construction with the largest residential developer of custom (1mm+) homes in Western Canada.  the firm was then expanded to Montreal QC where Ron lived and developed for 4 more years and the foundation was set.

Following his tenure in Canada, Ron returned to the US and was under exclusive contract with Continental Capital Corporation, a powerhouse firm, where he worked directly under the President as the Acquisitionist for non-performing note assets and other collateralized security instruments.  it was here that Ron became FDCPA and RESPA compliant, involved in all ares of the servicing platforms, including contracting out portfolios for sub-servicing and private label servicing, loan resolution, loss mitigation, advanced skip tracing, collections, and in many cases foreclosing on the notes and carrying out eviction/asset recovery.  It was here that the relationships with floor traders, national bank NA’s, Fannie Mae/HUD/Freddie Mac, and other proprietary bonds were forged.  This was even further advanced in the following years.

Ron was a founding partner of Four Square Investment Group, a company that acquired real estate for investors, both private and institutional, and performed rehab/tenant occupancy/property management services en masse.  Following FSIG, Ron was a co-founder of CapEquity, returning to his roots in portfolio building and the purchase/sale of tranche assets.  It was here that Ron consistently purchased and resold better than 1800 properties per calendar year in 2006, 2007, and 2008.  At any given time, Ron had 50+ active purchase offers in the 14 state rust belt region of the US on a daily basis, and moved Warranty Deed portfolio product to institutional investors.

Debbie Kirk: Finance/Title/Administration

The other founder of the firm is Debbie Kirk, a graduate of Avila University in Kansas City, Missouri. Born in France and the daughter of a United States Air Force veteran, Debbie was a Principal in a successful landscape / property rehab company for 10 years. Following the development of her first company, Debbie went on to the corporate world and worked as the U.S office manager for the CEO of ALG/Heavylift Airlines. Debbie spent her years at ALG operating out of Kansas City, New York and London.

Debbie left ALG to pursue her passion within the arts and entertainment community, joining the staff of Starlight Theater, Kansas City’s premier outdoor Amphitheater which showcases national and international performing artists including Broadway productions and concerts.

Following Ron’s reformation of the Real Estate product line to focus on hands-on construction and financing for his clients, Debbie then joined her husband and brought her business, entertainment, administrative and event organizing skills to the table with the formation of USPW, the holdings company for Bulk REO Clearinghouse and Atlas Capital.

Debbie handles every aspect of the day to day operations from the logistics standpoint and is responsible for title, contracts, closings, refinancing, and vendors.

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